Jundy Makhshuddien (Jundy)


“I want to be a mining engineer”

Jundy is the eldest of 7 children. Despite his family hard economic condition, Jundy got impressive academic record. He got the highest grade (1st rank) from his elementary 4th grade to junior high school 3rd grade.
Last year he entered SMA N 1 Bantul , which is the best school in Bantul and using English in its lessons.
Although the competition in his school is quite hard, he aims to get the best rank again.

To go to his school, he has to ride bicycle for 1 hour (15 kms). When we asked why he chose such a far school, he answered that because it is the best school in his region, and by entering that school, he has bigger possibility to enter the best university in his city”

His motivation impressed us, and his achievements prove that he is a smart and potential student!

  • School

    School: SMA N 1 Bantul Senior High School)
    Grade: 2nd Grade
    Hobby: Reading books, cycling, jogging
  • Achievement

    The 2nd winner of Java Mathematics Competition (Elementary school)
    The 2nd Winner of Municipal Physics Olympic (Bantul) 2008



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