Jonal Adi Prasetya (Jonal)

My name is Jonal Adi Prasetiya. I’am 16 Years old. I was born in Bantul on March, 24 1994. I’am form Bantul, Yogyakarta. I live in Melakan Kidul, bantul Warung Village. I am a student and now i go to SMP N 1 Bantul. I am in class IX 1.

My mother is a worker. She works in a Beringinharjo market. She is 37 years old. My father is a employee. He works in a Yogyakarta Post Office. He is 45 years old. I have one sister. Her name is Dian. Dian is 7 years old. She is student in bantul manunggal unit II Elementary School. Dian wants to be a doctor.
I like playing football. Usually I play footbal with my friend. I want to be a math teacher because I like math. And I want to” repay” my parents who have guided me and make them proud of what I have achieved including want to see them happy with my success. To achieve these goals I will make every effort to learn with the enterprising, ostimistic, confident, etc.

My idol is Ki Hajar Dewantara. He is the Father of Indonesian Education. He is a figures in the period before the fight before freedom education in indonesian by establishing taman siswa at yogyakarta.
Well, taht’s all I can say about my self.

  • School

    School : SMP N 1 Bantul
    Grade : IX
    Interest : Reading and playing soccer
    Number of siblings: 2
  • Achievement

    Economics Competition in Municipal Level 2010
    Tonti tingkat kabupaten Juara I 2009


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