Ifatul Khasanah (Ifa)


“I want to be a surgeon”

From the 1st time we met her, we can notice that she is such a smart, mature, and high achiever person from the way of speaking, and the way she answered our question,

She got a perfect academic record by getting 1st rank in her school from elementary school until now.
She joined the National mathematics olympics, and keep striving for the best.

When we asked why she wants to be a doctor, she mentioned 3 reasons:
1. Because I can help sick people
2. Because I like mathematics, and anatomy
3. because I want to be a doctor in war area, like palestine

These reasons impressed us! And when knowing the type of the books she is reading now, we are just sure that she is in the right track to become a surgeon!

  • School

    SMA N 1 Bantul (Senior High School)
    Grade: 1st Grade
    Hobby: Reading books
  • Achievement

    The Finalist of National Mathematics Olympics


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