Defa Miftara Agustine (Defa)


“I want to study in medical Science Department”

Let me introduce my self,,My name is Defa Miftara Agustine. You can call me Defa. I live in Bejen Bantul with my parents. I am the only one daughter that they have. My father’s name is Mustofa and my mother’s name is Emi Saraswati. Their job is a labour.

My hobby is reading book. I like novels, biography, and of course lesson books. I’ve read many books. One that I like is Harry Potter novels. I love it very much. But I haven’t read all of that novel yet. Because I am too busy of my school.

I was born in Bantul, 10th August 1995. Now I am 15 years old. I study in Junior High School 1 Bantul. It is located in Jalan RA Kartini 44 Bantul. Now I am in 9 grade (9B). My class is one of the RSBI class in my school.In daily, I use Javanese and Indonesian to communicate with other. But, at school I use English too. But it is only in Math, Science, ICT and of course English lesson.

Before study in JHS 1 Bantul, I studied in Bantul Timur Elementary School. It is located in the south of my school now. When I was in Elementary School, I’ve ever followed many competition. For example, Math olympiade. I was in 5 grade at that time. I followed the olympiade until province level. I had to follow a course in Gadjah Mada University before competition to national level with the other participants.There were about 90 students from the other Elementary School in Yogyakarta. I was very happy because I have a dream to study in Gadjah Mada University. I was taught by some lectures from MIPA department during 2 weeks. I got many friends there.

Someday, I want to study in Gadjah Mada University anymore. But as a collage student there and in a different department. I want to study in medical Science Department. It is my dream. I want to be a doctor. I hope someday my dream wiil be come true. Amin..

In March, I will get a final exam. So, I have to study hard in order to get a good score. After graduate, I want to continue in Senior High School 1 Bantul. I will choose RSBI programe again. Because I like to use English.

I think that’s all for my intoduction. Thank for your attention. I hope we can always keep in touch. Thank a lot to Hoshizora….

  • School

    School : SMPN 1 bantul
    Grade : IX
    Interest : Reading books
  • Achievement

    Selalu Rangking Kelas & Pararel


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